Organic Bottling Company for Those in New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Alabama & the Eastern US

Organic Bottling Company

SouthEast Bottling and Beverage is proud to state that we are an organic bottling company, as well as a kosher copacker. We are a certified organic copacker and member of the Organic Trade Association. This means that our organic products don’t have synthetic chemical input – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, food additives, growth hormones, genetic engineering or irradiation. In addition, “organic” signifies that our beverages don’t contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Whether you’ve developed your idea from scratch or would like us to help develop your idea, we’d be happy to assist you in the formulation of an organic beverage of your choosing.

Organic Bottling Company and Kosher Copacker Services:

  • Ozonation – eliminates bacteria and extends shelf life.
  • Hotfill or coldfill
  • Various mixing technologies
  • A cooling tunnel, complete with chiller
  • Multiple high-speed bottling lines capable of filling plastic bottles from 2 to 96 ounces
  • Flash pasteurization
  • Ready to Drink beverages (RTD) including fruit and enhanced water drinks, energy drinks, functional beverages and teas, sports drinks, and shots

Our company bottles a long list of beverages, including carbonated juice, non-carbonated beverages, sports drinks, dietary supplements and protein and whey based products.

As a kosher copacker, our company has received the seal of approval from the Florida K, which is the only organization to provide kosher certification for beverage producers in the State of Florida. All of our bottling procedures and equipment are approved and in keeping with kosher standards. According to recent data, there are over 12.1 million US consumers for kosher products.

Southeast Bottling and Beverage is a full service organic bottling company with a brand new 76,000 square foot facility and 5 liquid filling rooms. Contact us with your beverage and copacker needs. We’re proud to serve New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Alabama and the Eastern US.