New Beverage Development Serving New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Alabama & the Eastern US

new beverage developmentDo you have an interesting concept for a brand new beverage, but don’t know how to turn your concept into a reality? If so, Southeast Bottling & Beverage is the right company for you. We have vast experience in new beverage development, and our first-rate turnkey copacking solutions include 100% of what you need to bring your beverage concept to store shelves. Our company does it all, from the initial development phase and procurement of ingredients to bottling. Our giant new facility (76,000 square feet) is equipped to package beverages in bottles from 2 to 96 ounces. We are fully registered with the Food & Drug Administration.

Examples of drinks our new beverage development solutions are designed for:

● Relaxation drinks – Think of a non-alcoholic drink containing soothing ingredients which can help you to relax. Relaxation drinks are the opposite of energy drinks, commonly contain melatonin, valerian root, rose hip, kava root, chamomile or Passiflora (passion flower), and are usually free of alcohol and caffeine.
● Ready-to- drink teas – Sales have risen steadily for this item over the last 10 years. Black tea with lemon or peach flavors are big sellers, but the market is broad and thirsty for innovative flavors such as ginger, elderflower or mint. Fruit tea provides a caffeine-free choice to soft drinks.
● Soy drinks, powdered protein mixes and dry powder mixes, which often contain minerals, vitamins, caffeine and electrolytes.
● Carbonated soft drinks
● Juice-based drinks
● Sports nutrition drinks

Come to us with your idea for a unique beverage, and our production engineers will help to develop a formula, get the ingredients and fill and label the bottles. That’s all there is to it! Our copacking solutions have the capability of producing 3 million bottles a month. We do hotfill or coldfill with flash pasteurization, and we also have a cooling tunnel and chiller.

For new beverage development or innovative copacking solutions, contact Southeast Bottling & Beverage today. We’re ready to assist New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Alabama and the Eastern US.