Bottling Facility Serving New York, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina & Beyond

bottling facility The senior management at Southeast Bottling & Beverage is a team of food and beverage professionals with over 150 years of combined business experience and expertise. They created a bottling and co-packaging company in a state of the art bottling facility that offers programs and services different from any typical cold drink manufacturing plant. Our company is committed to unparalleled customer service and helping people bring new beverages to the market.

Our newly built Southeast Bottling & Beverage bottling facility is 76,000 square feet and features the following and more:

  • Overall multiple tank capacity of 31,000 gallons
  • Climate controlled air-conditioned warehouse
  • Five HEPA filtered, climate controlled filling rooms
  • High-speed rotary filling line with bottle air rinse, bottle inversion, cooling tunnel and more
  • Water line dedicated to bottling, labeling and packaging water
  • Shot line with 2 oz. to 6 oz. hot fill or flash pasteurization cold fill capacity

Our experience has shown that hundreds of ready to drink and liquid dietary supplements never make it in the market. Most bottlers require full runs. Testing, sampling and product verifications are needed before products are ready to market, and start-up businesses often don’t have the necessary funds to meet most bottling facility full run requirements. The Trial Run Program at Southeast Bottling & Beverage is one of the most important services we offer and sets us apart from any other cold drink manufacturing plant. This program offers small-quantity runs for a flat fee, ncludes all of the steps in full run bottling and results in finished products that are often used for limited distribution, as samples at trade shows or for other marketing or product verification purposes.

Our bottling facility specializes in 2 oz. to 96 oz. plastic bottling of tea, water, energy drinks, juices and other RTD beverages and liquid dietary supplements for beverage manufacturers located in New York, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina and beyond. Our bottling facility is not currently designed for bottling dairy, alcoholic or carbonated drinks. Contact us today for more information on beverage bottling solutions available from Southeast Bottling & Beverage or to request a quote.